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Smart Steel

Smart Steel heater
  • Smart Tech Control
  • Minimalist collection with inner accumulator made of silicon. Dual-Kherr in
  • Front is welded high-grade steel
  • Satin white, RAL 9001
Smart series control
  • Imagen sistema de control Smart
  • Smart heater with smart control
  • Smart heater with smart control
  • Maximum saving and comfort
    • Energy control and silicon technology, accumulative properties
    • Gentle and uniform heat
    • Comfort temperature is achieved quickly and effectively
    • The ECO function: room temperature at 18ºC with minimum consumption
    • Anti-frost function: switches if room temperature drops below 5°C
    • Combination of three heating systems: radiation, accumulation and convection
  • Easy tech control
    • Use one button to increase or decrease room temperature between 18-24°
    • Power control: electronic control of temperature
    • TIMER function: program the heater with one button. You can adjust your home's temperature per hours. 7 available options: 1h, 4h, 5h, 8h, 9h, 12h or 13h
    • Best comfort with the replay timer (see picture). Choose the interval time you prefer, press the button for a few seconds, the heater will automatically work and stop in equal intervals as defined

...1h Replay, the heater will alternately work one hour and one inertial hour (no consumption). This may imply a 2-degree temperature oscillation, and ensures inertial convection of up to 50%, and estimated energy saving up to 36% depending on environmental and insulation conditions

Smart 1h Replay

...4h Replay, ...4h Replay, program it at 12 am and ensure maximum comfort at lunch time (12 am-4 pm), at night (8pm at noon) and at wake-up time (4am-8am). This distribution corresponds to most householders in weekly working hours, and helps you save up to 40% energy consumption.

Smart 4h Replay
Accumulator of Dual-Kherr silicon
  • Dual-Kherr accumulator front
  • Dual-Kherr accumulator back
  • Dual Kherr. Forever Life guarantee and patented system
    • Highly hard and resistant material: 9 Mohs scale
    • 75% accumulation power higher than other systems
  • Dual-Kherr in
  • Dual Kherr is composed of silicon and aluminium oxide. Silicon is an excellent heating system while aluminium is an outstanding heat conductor
  • Thus, we guarantee the best transfer of heat to the accumulation element, improving heat radiation and accumulation
Sizes and Powers
  • Square
  • Smart Steel square sizes
  • Power:
  • 800 W
  • Horizontal
  • Smart Steel horizotal sizes
  • Powers:
  • 1500/2000 W
  • Vertical
  • Smart Steel vertical sizes
  • Power:
  • 800 W
Finishes and references
  • Satin White RAL 9001
  • White RAL 9001 finish
  • Satin White RAL 9001
    Power Format Smart Steel
    800 W Square ST0800S
    1500 W Horizontal ST1500S
    2000 W Horizontal ST2000S
    800 W Vertical ST08VES

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