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Climastar enters with strength into the Asian market thanks to two major companies in the HVAC business.

Signature of the agreement Climastar-Menred

Signature of the agreement Climastar-Menred

Last August 2013, the international Company Climastar signed a manufacturing and distribution agreement with the major Chinese company Menred. The scope of the agreement includes both manufacturing and distribution of Climastar?s water series based on the well-known patent Dual-Kherr.

Thus, Menred acquires the right to distribute the Spanish product within the hydronic heating business in the Chinese market. Scope of the agreement goes beyond manufacturing and distribution. Menred is the Chinese leading manufacturer of floor heating and low temperature water heating systems.

Climastar?s technology contribution and the Asian manufacturer?s capabilities are the key to manufacture the hybrids - heat and cold in the same heater-. Studies testify that the new product could be manufactured spring 2014.

Menred and Climastar-Spain- will produce for the Asian and European market, respectively. Climastar?s invest in R&D has contributed to bring the best technology to the most demanding markets, turning to be a leader in quality and design. It is expected this agreement is the start to approach Climastar?s products worldwide.

Signature of the agreement Climastar-Anze

Signature of the agreement Climastar-Anze

Climastar and Anze ?Chinese maker of electric heating systems- signed on 21st October 2013 an agreement in Ningguo. This agreement joins the projects of both companies to develop and distribute Climastar products within the Asian market.

Combining Climastar?s renowned quality and Anze?s high-production capacity, Climastar expect to exceed 20,000 new customers in Asia by 2016. Climastar?s international growth continues expanding thanks to new developments, design and quality of its patent system Dual-Kherr. Anze reinforces production and boosts the commercial activity of Climastar in China ?over 2,000 distributors are interested in these acknowledged goods-.

Both companies are to work on a long-term business relationship; Climastar highlights for its patents and its ongoing investment in R&D. Anze will manufacture new electric products with Dual-Kherr exclusively for the Chinese market; these products are to be presented at Canton ?Guangzhou Fair 2014. According to surveys, the products are expected to be successfully accepted.